UOP ASDA Presents:

UOP ASDA Presents:

ASDA’s Pre-Dental Organization for Alginate Day

When: Saturday, September 6th
(8:30am – 12:30 pm)

Where: University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
155 5th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
(Near the corner of Mission and 5th Street)

Price: $40/person

What to look forward to:

• Participants will take alginate impressions on other participating pre-dental
students, supervised by current students and faculty

• Once your impression is taken, it will be poured up into a stone model for you to take home

• Learn more about University of the Pacific, our new facility, and life as a student

• Tour of the new UoP campus

• Opportunity to get to know current dental students and ask any questions you may
have about their experiences leading up to school and as a member of the UoP community

• A fun day of sticky alginate and good memories!

Registration is open and can be accessed through this link:


For any questions, please contact:

Alina Borchardt (ASDA Pre-Dental Co-Chair): a_borchardt@u.pacific.edu

Deanna Lee (ASDA Pre-Dental Co-Chair): d_lee42@u.pacific.edu