Welcome Publications Team! As a member of this committee we get the exciting job of creating content that will be sent out for the entire school’s enjoyment. Below is a general guideline of how the job works. Please do not hesitate to contact previous committee members if you have any questions. Good luck! 

expected duties

Editors In Chief 

Currently held by: Susan Shiroma and Jackie Dong

  1. Serve on Executive Committee
    1. Attend all Executive Committee and Cabinet meetings
    2. Act as a liaison between the executive committee and certain key cabinet positions including:
      1. Vendor Fair Chair(s)
      2. Fundraising Chair
    3. Work with the President at Executive committee meetings to create and manage tasks for these positions
    4. Report their activities at executive committee meetings
  1. Develop/maintain the quality and quarterly newsletters for the Pacific ASDA chapter
  2. Recruit students to write articles for the National ASDA magazines

Publications Department

Editor In Chiefs – Jackie Dong and Susan Shiroma 

  1. Chief of Design
    1. Maintain overall professional presentation of newsletters
    2. Please attach a representation (or multiple) of your graphic design experience.
    3. Select photos for ASDA Newsletter
    4. Oversee overall design and aesthetics of ASDA Newsletter
    5. Format articles onto the layout design 
    6. Create a layout design for the newsletter
  2. Publicity Chair
    1. Work to promote ASDA events
    2. Post on Facebook pages ASDA Events, Instagram including stories
    3. Create advertisement material such as flyers, posters, and powerpoint slides to advertise each event
  3. Webmaster
    1. Update and maintain the Pacific ASDA Website 
    2. Update Board Pics and General Cabinet Pics 
    3. Update with current Sponsors 
    4. Add pictures, and an updated calendar 
    5. Add UOP Student Activities Calendar to ASDA Website 
    6. Advertise events via multimodal elements



  1. Groups to target for publications

    1. One article  from every ASDA committee each quarter 

    2. One article not from ASDA committee each quarter

    3. Hygiene, IDS, ADEA, CDA, AGD one per quarter

    4. Family pictures for students with children

    5. Include all study clubs

      1. Peds:

      2. Ortho:
      3. AGD:
      4. CDA
      5. ADEA
      6. IDS
      7. DH
      8. SCOPE
      9. ENDO
      10. Philippines
      11. Jamaica
      12. Guatemala
      13. AAWD
      14. Academy of LDS Dentists
  1. Quarterly Deadline Examples

    1. Q1 Week 7 – send out google from (article and pics) to GC to sign up from each committee

    2. Q1 Week 8 – deadline to sign up

    3. Q2 Week 5 – deadline to submit article

    4. Q2 Week 7 – deadline to give all proof read articles to Mali

    5. Q2 Week 8 –  Newsletter published and sent out via email

      1. Photo Credit under name 

  1. Once Article is published by Week 8–Keep as a PDF

    1. Post on webpage

    2. Mass email to all classes