Congrats and welcome to the team! As a member of the pre-dental committee, you will focus on connecting with pre-dental students to provide guidance and resources, planning events that allow them to network with dental students and admissions, and lastly, providing them with mentorship opportunities to further guide them with their journey of applying to dental school. Below is a sample calendar of events that were held each quarter in the past. The key to planning events for pre-dentals is to plan early!!! You can opt to host any event in any quarter you feel appropriate to best support your vision for helping pre-dental students this year. Please do not hesitate to contact previous pre-dental committee members for questions or advice. Good luck and HAVE FUN!


Love, ASDA Pre-Dental 2019-2020





(Note: We weren’t able to host any events this quarter due to many scheduling conflicts, but here are examples of other events held during summer quarter in the past)

  • PRE-DENTAL DAY: Full day event (8-5PM) hosted at UOP Dugoni on Saturday/Sunday. Agenda includes: breakfast, welcome remarks/ice breakers, preparing for dental school lecture, dental student Q&A panel, dental anatomy waxing lecture + workshop, lunch, interview tips & tricks Q&A, mock interviews, school tours, military options, closing remarks.




  • OCTOBER = NATIONAL ASDA PREDENTAL MONTH: National ASDA dedicates this month to its pre-dental members. Most chapters try to host an in-person event or online webinar series to honor this month. We launched ToothBuds at the end of October to celebrate this. You have complete flexibility with what you want to do during this month, I would just do something during this month, whether it’s hosting a pre-dental event or bombarding the pacificasda social media with pre-dental resources, especially if you want to win a gold crown award 🙂
  • LAUNCH OF TOOTHBUDS: PACIFICASDA’S PRE-DENTAL MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: We started a mentorship program connecting pre-dental students with current Dugoni DDS students. Planning included: asking dugoni students to sign up to be mentors via google form/email, creating social media flyers to advertise to pre-dental students. ToothBuds was advertised on social media (instagram and facebook) where pre-dental students could sign up on a google form. Pre dental students were then matched with a Dugoni DDS student and emails were sent to both the mentors and mentees with contact information.





  • COLLAB EVENT W/ PDB: PRE-DENTAL NETWORKING LUNCH: We worked with PDB officers to host a pizza lunch (from costco) where we presented to PDB pre-dental students about ASDA, what events our chapter is planning, and about ToothBuds. We presented for about 30 minutes, and left the remaining time up for students to talk to members from our pre-dental team. This lunch was held on a Saturday after their PDB activities for the day. 


  • (Planned) COLLAB EVENT W/ UCSF ASDA: PRE-DENTAL NETWORKING NIGHT: We were working with UCSF ASDA’s Pre-Dental Co-Chairs to find a Friday or Saturday Night that worked for both of our committees to hold a collaborative pre-dental networking night. The sample agenda included: Welcome, introduction/presentation from Dugoni Admissions (Stan) and presentation from UCSF Admissions, dental student panel, dinner and networking with current dental students, then raffle. 



  • PRE-DENTAL APPLICATION WORKSHOP: Since spring quarter was basically cancelled this year (lol), we didn’t host this event in 2020. However, we did host this event with the previous pre-dental chairs in 2019. This event was a half-day event on Saturday that ran from 9-12PM. The agenda included: registration/breakfast, presentation on AADSAS, mock interviews, personal statement review. This was originally supposed to be a full-day event with a sim lab activity, but again, it’s completely up to you on what kind of workshops you want to host or may have time to plan for. Application workshops are helpful during this time because many students are getting ready to apply for the cycle that opens in June.
  • TOOTHBUDS APPLICATION CYCLE ROUND 2: (End of May or Early June) We’re launching a 2nd cycle of ToothBuds so that pre-dentals can get some advice as AADSAS is starting to open. This included sending out feedback surveys to all the previous participants from the 1st cycle, sending out an email for DDS students to apply to be a mentor, and advertising on social media again to pre-dentals to sign up. 




  • Description: Full or half day events scheduled on Saturday or Sunday at Dugoni. It’s usually some combination of workshops related to applying to school and sim lab lecture + activity.  We usually use Dorfman Hall or 514 for lectures/workshop and then a designated section of sim lab.


        • Examples of activities on this day include: mock-interviews, personal statement overview, dental student Q&A, composite prep + fill, amalgam prep + fill, alginate workshop, tooth waxing workshop, presentations from admissions, AADSAS interview, presentation from military about scholarships


  • To-do:


      • PLAN EARLY – Dugoni often hosts weekend events such as CE courses. You must pick a specific date and ask Janelle if there are any conflicts. Anticipate for things like boards, exams, etc. This affects your number of volunteers. I would honestly plan 2 months ahead for an event like this – Janelle prefers at least 4-6 weeks when you reserve a date for an event like this.
        • Have a sample agenda (look at Google Drive to see examples of past agendas)
          • Know which rooms you want to use
          • If you’re doing a sim lab activity – know what materials you will need (composite, amalgam, instruments, etc.)
        • Know what lunch food you want for the event: can use Stanfield Catering (the school’s main food vendor) or outside catering (like Chipotle)
          • Know what materials/set up you need (she can provide plates, cups, napkins, etc.)
          • For breakfast: can request coffee set up or Costco muffins (might need to do a Costco run yourself and get reimbursed)
        • She will set up the link where pre-dental students can submit their payment
        • She sets the price for the event (note: we don’t usually profit from these events, the prices she set are to offset what PacificASDA will spend for food/materials)
        • She sets the max amount of people who can attend
        • You can do this in person or by email
        • B/c pre-dents really want to see Stan. He’s often busy so make sure you plan for a weekend where he is available to attend, even if it’s for 30 minutes for a short presentation. Make sure you ask him at least a month in advanced. Send him reminder emails the week of.
        • Email class listservs and post on class facebook pages, people usually volunteer. If not, pressure your friends (lol)
        • Make sure this form includes the link to pay for the payment, as set-up by Janelle OR send this link separately as spots fill up – either way, confirm your spots with Janelle because she will have a list of emails/names of pre-dental students who have paid
        • Advertise on social media, reach out personally to pre-dental clubs via email to notify them of the event
        • Advertise ideally 4-6 weeks before the event.
        • You don’t have to include the specific agenda with all the times, but it would be a good idea to include a list of activities that you will do that day (e.g. mock interviews, composite workshop, dental student panel, etc.)
        • Advertise food (always a plus lol)
        • Advertising that Stan will be there is usually a huge plus
        • Once you hit your max on attendees (which you probably will) – make a waiting list
        • Send confirmation emails to people who successfully reserved/paid for their spot
        • Send waiting list emails/manage this if anyone drops out
        • One-day before the event: send a copy of the agenda, directions to Dugoni (address/what entrance to use/where to meet), what kind of attire (business casual usually)
      • DAY OF EVENT: 
        • Arrive 1 hour early to set up with pre-dental committee
        • Work w/ IT to set up for any presentations (make sure you have compatible laptop)
        • Have sign in station, distribute agendas, name tags
        • Run your agenda as planned! You got this!



  • Please work with Sharynne (this is her PIP project!) More resources will be available on this section (such as a how-to guide) once they’re finished.





  • Description: Lunch event hosted on a Saturday after a Pre-Dental Bootcamp session where we presented to the pre-dents about ASDA and advertised resources and ToothBuds and provided them an opportunity to network with current Dugoni students (members of the Pre-Dental Committee)
  • To-do:
  • Collaborate with PDB officers so they can advertise to their pre-dental students. We wrote the email that we wanted them to send out along with a flyer. 


        • Plan for food. Costco pizza is usually the cheaper option so make sure you call Costco a few days in advance, have a few people go to Costco about an hour before to pick up the pizzas. We bought about 10 pizzas and it was a perfect amount. Account for feeding your volunteers + the PDB officers.
        • Set up presentation – you can use our presentation in the Google Drive and edit it as you wish. This is an opportunity to present on what ASDA is and advertise any events you are planning to hold for the year
        • Day of event: Arrive an hour before, set up food area, set up laptop for presentation. 
        • After event: clean as much as you can, just make sure pizza boxes/any trash are in trash receptacles so building ops can clean them easily


  • What went well:


      • Great turnout of Pre-dents! It’s a good idea to collaborate with PDB at least once during the year because there’s a bunch of pre dental students already on campus. PDB ended their session around 1230-1 and our event started at 1. 
      • Timing for pizza run (so pizzas are warm): we got to Costco probably an hour before the event (around 12). Waited about 10-15 minutes at Costco (it was pretty busy). Got the pizzas at school by 12:50pm. Account for travel time!
      • Do presentations while pre-dents are eating! 
      • Committee members are walking around to different groups and introducing selves.




  • Description: Networking evening where dinner is provided hosted at either Dugoni or UCSF. Ideally, someone from both Dugoni admissions (Stan) and UCSF admissions is there to present. 


        • Note: we had so many time conflicts so we didn’t get to host this event this past year. We have done it in prior years though!


  • To-do:


      • Collaborate with UCSF early – pick a date that works for both your pre-dental teams, pick where it will be hosted, create a tentative agenda to present to either administration
      • If it’s hosted at Dugoni: See Pre-Dental Day for similar instructions about setting up the date with Janelle (including food, payment links, etc.)
        • Plan w/ Janelle how you want the set up to be so building ops can set up chairs/tables appropriately – we would probably host this in Molinari hall
      • Ask Stan if he can attend
      • Set up google forms for volunteers to attend (DDS students) – consider how many DDS students you want to attend, the more you invite, the less pre-dental students you can have attend



  • Description: Half-day event where pre-dental students were invited for workshops dedicated to preparing their AADSAS application. This included a how-to presentation breaking down the sections of AADSAS, mock interviews, personal statement review, and lunch. 
  • To-do:


        • See Pre-Dental Day for similar instructions!


  • What Went Well:


        • Good ratio of DDS volunteers to Pre-Dental students – almost 1:1. 
        • Made lunch a networking opportunity for pre dental students to ask whatever questions the wanted


  • What We Can Improve:


      • We only advertised a week in advance and had about 10 attendees – not bad for short notice – I would advertise at least 2-4 weeks in advance!
      • When we broke out into mock interviews, not everyone knew when it was time to bring their pre-dental student back to the main room. Make sure every volunteer is aware of timing and the agenda – I recommended facebook messenger or group me!



  • Contact info:


      • 2019-2020 Pre-Dental Chairs:
        • Sharynne Alfonso –
        • Mahfam Golshan –
      • Key Administration:
        • Janelle Palomares – 
        • Stan Constantino –
    • Links/Resources:



    • ToothBuds How-To Guide (will be linked soon – ask Sharynne for help in the mean time!)