Letter To Sponsors


Dear Valued Representative,

Exciting things are occurring within our local ASDA chapter and we would like you to be a partner in our newest endeavor.  We are in the process of developing a chapter website to enhance our communication with our members, vendors, and other interested parties.  Our current goal for Pacific ASDA is to inspire and further develop leadership by increasing our involvement with local, state, and national leaders in the dental community. We actively engage our current members, alumni, faculty and staff by organizing educational lunch and learns, pre-dental simulation courses, and networking events.  We believe that a chapter website will be an invaluable tool that will allow us to accomplish our goal and disseminate pertinent information.

At this time we would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our annual Pacific ASDA Vendor Fair. We believe vendor fairs are incredibly helpful to both our students and companies like you. We believe an early education about products, services, and options available are important to all parties involved.

As you may know, ensuring any organization is successful can be rather costly, especially to a nonprofit organization like our own. In efforts to solve these challenges, we seek and appreciate mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe in creating value for both parties involved. In the spirit of this, we have designed different levels of sponsorships that allow our partners to be as involved with the Pacific ASDA chapter as they are willing and able. There are two different sponsorship categories- one for our Vendor Fair and one for our Media. We invite you to participate in both, however our highest level of sponsorship, the Titanium Sponsor is all inclusive. If you would like a custom designed sponsorship please let us know, we want to work with you to the best of our ability.

Thank you for your time—we appreciate your interest in sponsoring Pacific ASDA.

If you require additional information regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.


Pacific ASDA

For more information:
Download this PDF and email the completed form to: v_patel4@u.pacific.edu